Computer Science and Engineering

Christian R. Shelton, Professor

To use gcc 4.7.0 (which supports almost all of the C++11 standard) on department machines, do the following:
  1. Be sure you are logged into a 64-bit machine (bass is 32-bit, but others are 64-bit)
  2. Use the compiler /usr/csshare/pkgs/gcc-4.7.0/bin/g++ (probably by changing the CXX variable in your Makefile).
  3. Add the option -std=c++11 to your compile flags (probably by changing the CXXFLAGS variable in your Makefile).

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University of California, Riverside
Chung Hall, room 327
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-2554
E-mail: cshelton@cs.ucr.edu

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