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In this lab you will learn about texture mapping. You are required to map a texture onto a model. In addition, you are required to add specular lighting to your model. I recommend using the lighthouse GLSL tutorial examples from last lab ( Lighthouse 3D tutorial) and the Gamedev link below. Like last lab, you will need to add code to main, as well as modify the two shaders. Keep in mind that you won't see anything different as long as the shader doesn't use the texture data. Also, note the format for the monkey.tga file is RGBA, while it's RGB for the monkey_ambient_occlusion file. When you are done, I highly recommend you play with the textures a bit to get a feel for them and what they can do. I may ask you to explain or change your code for checkoff.


Sample code is available here.

Submission Instructions

I will check off the labs when you are done.

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